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About IMPACT Solutions


IMPACT Solutions was founded in 1981, originally as Behavior Management Associates (BMA), by its current President & CEO Dr. Joel R. Gecht . Through Dr. Gecht’s leadership and vision, IMPACT Solutions has developed into one of the more prominent behavioral healthcare firms in the country.

Who We Are

We are a behavioral healthcare and people development consulting firm with an experienced staff of EAP, Student Assistance, counseling, coaching, training, organizational development and medical specialists.

What We Do

Since 1981 we have been helping organizations to succeed by empowering their people to thrive through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Executive/Leadership Consulting, Student Assistance and Retention Support, and Workplace Trainings.

Who We Help

We serve a broad range of clients throughout the Midwest, Nationally and Internationally. Over the years we have worked extensively with organizations of all shapes and sizes, from a wide range of industries. Our overall niche, where we have exceptionally strong ties and a rapidly expanding client base, is the higher education market where we work closely with personnel at all different levels including HR, student affairs, and executive administration.

Why Our Clients Use Us

We are widely recognized as a leader in the EAP field. Our objective has always been transparent and clear: to pragmatically understand and address each of our clients’ unique and evolving personnel needs. We’ve found that our clients truly appreciate and value the attentiveness, flexibility, expertise, and wisdom we bring from our years of industry experience. In fact, many of our clients, and their peer institutions/organizations, look to us as thought leaders on a range of behavioral healthcare and organizational development issues related to their respective industries.