Maximize Your Leadership Potential

In addition to his role as President and CEO of IMPACT Solutions, Dr. Joel R. Gecht also represents three decades of psychological/behavioral consulting experience, serving as a trusted advisor to leading educational institutions, hospitals, and corporations for their executive leadership. Dr. Gecht earned his Ph.D. in counseling psychology and has received recognition as a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychological Specialties in Psychological Assessment, Evaluation and Testing.

As a seasoned psychologist and fellow executive leader, with strong expertise in both psychology and business, Dr. Gecht is able to offer a rare blend of skills and focus that only few other specialists of his kind can provide. In his tenure, with the help of his support team, Dr. Gecht has successfully evaluated, coached, and consulted with some of the highest caliber executive leaders. Through his commitment to excellence, he has proven his ability to recognize and develop top leaders in higher education and business while consistently achieving optimal results for client organizations and their bottom-line objectives.

Due to the time and energy intensive nature of providing these services, Dr. Gecht must be selective in committing to new clients. He customarily evaluates the fit between his specialty areas and the specific needs of prospective client organizations. Dr. Gecht uses a broad set of criteria in order to maximize the potential to achieve a significant impact on an organizationís bottom-line objectives.