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Personalized Medical Guidance® (PMG)

When your medical costs are skyrocketing, can you afford to be wrong?

The rising cost of healthcare in the U.S. is unsustainable. Studies continue to report issues that challenge treatment and diagnosis, adding up to billions of unnecessary costs for healthcare recipients. And with rising deductibles and increases in out of pocket expenses those billions find their way into the budgets of employees and the companies that want to provide for them. Some studies demonstrate more than 30% of the services, diagnosis and procedures your employees under-go are either inaccurate or unnecessary.

Personalized Medical Guidance® (PMG) – your savings advantage starts here

It is possible to directly impact the out of pocket expenses of your employees, offering them resources that make them a smart shopper in the medical services landscape.

IMPACT Solutions has partnered with PinnacleCare to provide a wide range of services for your employee base.  Using a medical Board of Advisors, your employees are assisted by Healthcare Advisors who walk with them step by step through major medical issues and chronic conditions. 

Key results:

  • Reduction in claims costs
  • Reduction in unnecessary procedures
  • Reduction in time missed from work
  • Coordinated and personalized support for your employee and their family members

Continuing the IMPACT Solutions standard of excellence:

  • 35+ years of working with organizations in every market industry
  • High-touch personalized experience for your employees
  • Recommendations that are customized for your organization’s needs
  • Global capabilities

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