Program Delivery

How Does PMG Work for Employees

PMG enhances the medical care that plan participants are already receiving by offering direct access to Personal Health Advisers for education and guidance regarding major healthcare issues. Help with:

  • Confirming a medical diagnosis
  • Gaining a second opinion
  •  Achieving expedited referrals to sought after specialists
  •  Review of medical records
  • Transferring medical information from one facility to another
  •   Finding the right doctor in the right location
  •  Vetting potential new physicians to bring to the case

How Does PMG Work for Employers

PMG provides a positive impact by enhancing healthcare benefits and engagement in making good healthcare choices for the most costly or most complex medical issues your employees face. Working closely with Management and Human Resources, we create an organizational plan to educate and guide plan participants to be better healthcare consumers.

Through webinars, blogs and monthly newsletters, employees receive information regarding a broad range of medical topics. Targeted events and orientations, both live and webinar based, offer your employees information and assistance to engage the PMG program to directly impact their medical costs.  Live 24/7 access to Masters Level licensed Mental Health Providers brings the employee into an environment where the wrap-around services of the entire EAP can support them and get them where they need to go fast.  By providing customized member cards, your employees have all the contact information they need to immediately access the program from anywhere without having to burden your benefits staff with unnecessary questions and assistance.  And with the use of the android and iOS mobile app, your employees can connect with the PinnacleCare team any time form anywhere.

All of these services supporting the work of your Human Resources department with a minimum of stress and time on their part.  The blogs, brochure, newsletters and events can be delivered in a customized format that allows your staff to focus on simply delivering the information through already existing company platforms. And we work with you to identify new ways of getting that engagement you’ve been looking to achieve.