Service Suite

The following executive leadership service options are available, a-la-carte or bundled, to provide a full continuum of attention for your executive leadership needs:

Pre-Employment Appraisal

Your executive leadership hiring decisions are vital to the institution’s long-term success. After all the time and energy that goes into finding the right candidates, it’s essential that their surface appearance matches the full scope of their underlying capabilities package. It is not unheard of for a candidate’s surface makeup and credentials to appear strong during the interview process without materializing on the job as envisioned. At minimum, wouldn’t it be helpful to have some objective reassurance prior to moving forward with such a widely impactful decision?

The Pre-Employment Appraisal is administered to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the strengths, limitations, developmental needs, and overall fit of your prospective executive leader candidates. It adds additional confidence to the decision making process for filling leadership roles.

Dr. Joel Gecht will help evaluate and transition the candidate directly into their vital leadership role within the organization through the following deliverables:

  • Preliminary review meeting facilitated with key shareholders from within the institution to identify and clarify objectives for the candidate(s) and position(s)
  • In-depth interview and testing administered for the candidate
  • Comprehensive written report detailing the candidates strengths, limitations, developmental needs, and overall candidacy for the position provided to the institution
  • Sit-down with the prospective executive leader candidate to verbally review testing results, provide feedback, and offer developmental suggestions (where appropriate) to help transition them into the position
  • On-boarding follow-up recommendations provided for and/or to the on-boarding team to identify additional action steps required for the position - for instance, coaching may be a beneficial option in response to the potential emergence of red flags or developmental needs


The executive leader is typically charged with making vital decisions that impact the success of an organization. The position often calls for a wide continuum of capabilities that are tested on a regular basis. Additionally, the executive leader may find his/herself being asked to develop new skill sets that require them to function out of their comfort zone. These challenges, coupled with everyday living issues, can lead to a decline in performance, inconsistent output, a reduced level of confidence, and an array of personal conflicts.

The coaching process facilitates a one to one relationship with the executive leader to help them take a step back and evaluate their current situation. It provides them with a confidential and objective respite from their stressful environment so that they may reflect and understand where they stand relative to their goals and objectives.

Dr. Gecht will help coach the executive leader through the following deliverables:

  • Initial review meeting facilitated with key shareholders from within the organization (or with the executive leader directly) to identify and clarify goals and objectives of the coaching consultation
  • In-depth initial coaching session with the executive leader to review their personal history, define the focus of the coaching initiative, and agree upon next steps
  • Determine what testing is required, whether it be psychological, skill assessment, and/or 360°
  • Assess need to incorporate counseling into the process
  • Set-up a pre-determined schedule of ongoing phone and/or in-person coaching/counseling sessions
  • Once goals and objectives are met, schedule future follow-up/support sessions to reduce the risk of reversing the benefit experienced

Typically, coaching is designed as a short-term, targeted process with opportunities built in for additional support, as needed, in the future. Presenting issues include: communication difficulties, challenges in managing up, down or across, anxiety associated with balancing responsibilities, etc.

Transition Guidance

Transitions are common to any organization. This may be brought on by advances in technology, changing consumer demands and preferences, new competition, economic turns, staffing changes, etc. Regardless, these transitions impact leadership.

Outside of these factors, leadership must also weather challenges associated with their ever-changing personal lives. The stresses and demands of balancing personal, family and work demands are typically exacerbated by the pressures inherent at the executive level. A successful leader must navigate change throughout their tenure with the organization. And, at each stage of their employment, new challenges will continually arise. These stages may include a transition into their role, upward advancement, and retirement/succession planning.

Dr. Gecht can provide guidance and planning support through the following deliverables:

  • Initial meeting facilitated with key shareholders from the organization (or with the executive leader directly) to identify and clarify goals and objectives regarding transition management.
  • Follow-up meetings for strategic planning, coaching, counseling, and/or surveying/testing, as needed

Transition guidance may be a point in time support service or may be required on an on-going or periodic basis. Each situation is unique and will be treated as such.